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Recombinant Protein Fusion

Protein Fusion

Recombinant Protein Engineering is a technology that improves the biological activity, stability within a human body, ease of manufacture, and solubility of protein-derived pharmaceuticals using “Coiled-coil domains” that induce the formation of thermodynamically stable dimers and multimers.

  • Patent TitleMethod for inducing angiogenesis in an infarcted heart by administering a coiled coil chimeric molecule
  • Patent No.US8420353B2
  • Patent Link

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Recombinant Fusion Protein technology can produce recombinant protein medicines with improved stability in an aqueous solution. With the technology, the proteins that had limited use as a commercial drug can be commercialized by improving the intrinsic properties of the protein. These coiled recombinant proteins showed significantly reduced aggregations and extremely stable solution dispersion properties even in conditions over 90 degrees Celsius, when examined through a dynamic light scattering analysis.

In the case where the efficacy of a protein drug depends on the ligand activity of binding to the receptors on the cell surface, coiled Recombinant Protein Fusion technology can act as a ligand with enhanced titers. In addition, by forming a dimer or multimer through the twisted coil domain connected to the receptor binding domain of the ligand, the multi-ligand acts as a molecular sieve that increases the receptor binding capacity of a protein drug by many folds. Cell signaling related biopharmaceuticals can be designed and be significantly approved through this technology.