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SHOCAP Bispecific Antibodies

Bispecific Antibodies

Substitution of Hydrophobic into
Oppositely Charged Amino acid Pair

SHOCAP Bispecific Antibody Technology produces bispecific antibodies with high purity by inducing opposite charges to a pair of amino acids within the hydrophobic interaction region of a protein. Such hydrophobic interactions cause a bispecific antibody to form with high precision and purity.

  • Patent TitleProtein in which electrical interaction is introduced within hydrophobic interaction site and preparation method therefor
  • Patent No.US10118971B2
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SHOCAP technology modifies of the Fc region of two heavy chains within an antibody and creates a positively and negatively charged heavy chains. The oppositely charged heavy chains’ electrical interactions favor heterodimers over homodimers. Similarly, the two Fab regions are each charged positively and negatively, and the corresponding heavy chains are given the opposite charge such that the difference polarity increases the probability that the correct heavy-light chain connections are made.

SHOCAP technology also includes the ability to measure how many heavy and light chains bindings are made, using the antibodies mentioned above. We can obtain a high purity of bispecific antibodies with limited number of mutations, which allows the antibody to retain its natural structure, function, and properties. Moreover, immune reactions to the bispecific antibodies are minimized, as the changes within the heavy and light changes are deeply embedded in the hydrophobic regions.