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Nukon System is a special heat-preservation system that keeps the pipe facility of the internal equipment of the containment building working safely in the Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) power plant. Blanket and Jacket are easily installed and removed and, in case of emergency, can be repaired quickly. Hence, this product is adopted by and operated in most nuclear power plants over the world including US, Mexico and Sweden. It is also used in the nuclear power plants operating in Korea and will be supplied to the nuclear power plants to be constructed. Nukon System of this system is being exported in association with the recent export of nuclear power plant to UAE and its application is growing.

Main Features

- Cost saving is possible because installation and decomposition are easy
- Maintenance cost can be saved because local replacement is possible
- This is applicable to all forms of equipment
Client  Project  Delivery 
Hyundai E&C UAE Barakah Unit 1, 2, 3, 4 2014 ~ 2019
Hyundai E&C Shinhanwool Unit 1&2 2014 ~ 2017
Daelim Industrial Ulchin Unit 3&4 2012 ~ 2014
Hyundai E&C Shinkori Unit 4 2011 ~ 2015
Daelim Industrial Ulchin Unit 1&2 2009 ~ 2012
Hyundai E&C Shinkori Unit 1&2 2003 ~ 2011
KEPCO Youngkwang Unit 5&6 2000 ~ 2001
Korea Heavy Industry Ulchin Unit 3&4 1996 ~ 1997
Hyundai E&C Youngkwang Unit 3&4 1993 ~ 1994


Steelworks: Sink roll, Hearth roll, Support roll, Process roll etc.
Petrochemistry: Piston/pump rod, Valve, Impeller etc.
Power Plant: Impeller, Bucket, Blade, Valve Flange etc.
Paper Manufacture: Expander roll, Doctor blade, Corrugated roll etc.
Textile: Grove roll, Spindle disc, Feed roll, Jacket roll etc.


Foamglas is a product name of the cellular glass insulation produced by US PCC (Pittsburgh Corning Corp.) and Belgian PCE (Pittsburgh Corning Europe) and the best cold and heat preserving insulation the performance of which has been internationally confirmed. Particularly, exhibiting outstanding features in the wide temperature range from -268℃ to +482℃, this is an ideal insulation that can be applied to all pipe line and equipment facility, underground or overground, and is widley used due to its excellent quality.

Main Features

- Outstanding waterproof and dampproof
- High compression strength and dimensional stability
- Nonflammability and outstanding chemical resistance
- Environment-friendly materials
- Easy application in various forms


- Petrochemistry, oil refinery and shipbuilding facilities
- Offshore Plant including LNG drilling facility
Client  Project  Delivery 
Samsung Heavy Industries Prelude FLNG #2/Royal Dutch Shell 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Hebron/ExxonMobil 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Moho Nord/TOTAL 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Clair Ridge/BP 2013 ~ 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Quard 204/BP 2013 ~ 2015
Hyundai Heavy Industries Goliath / Eni 2012 ~ 2014
Daewoo Shipbuilding
& Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
Arkutun-Dagi/ExxonMobil 2012 ~ 2014
Hyundai Heavy Industries Gorgon/CHEVRON 2012 ~ 2014
Daewoo Shipbuilding
& Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
Clov/TOTAL 2013
Hyundai Heavy Industries SHWE/Dockwise 2011 ~ 2012

Insulation Work

Aprogen Medicines began with the fire-resistive covering work in a steel structured building and has built up technologies and experience performing fireproof insulation works in the POSCO furnaces and boilers, and on the basis of this, has successfully performed Plant Insulation Works in power plant, oil refinery, petrochemistry, and shipbuilding.

Main Features

- Heat and cold reserving
- Insulation of thermal steam line and thermal electric line
- Soundproof insulation
- Special insulation (nuclear power plant containment)
- Fire resistive covering and shaft alley insulation


- steelwork, ironwork Plant
- oil refinery petrochemistry Plant
- Power Plant (nuclear power plant containment building)
- Control of such special facilities as offshore Plant (shipbuilding, LNG etc.), lab or hospital