About Us

We are an unparalleled biopharmaceutical company.

About Us

We are an unparalleled biopharmaceutical company.

Through long history of research based on fundamental science, we have accumulated multiple unique and innovative biological drug development technologies. The first antibody biosimilar that was approved in Korea in 2006 was developed and transferred out by our company. Furthermore, we have continuously improved our technologies and infrastructure for protein design, high efficiency cell lines, cell culture optimization, and pharmacological analysis such that we can compete with a leading-edge in amidst of global pharmaceutical companies.

We develop biologics with
high potentials.

With globally competitive technologies, we are developing novel blockbuster biologics and biosimilars that are known to have long-term clinical efficacy and demand.

We cover the full spectrum for biologics production.

Based on our accumulated technologies from many different aspects, we have constructed a high-efficiency plant that is capable of producing APIs(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) in greater amount than those of a 300,000L scale plant. We are also conducting clinical development, submission, and approval for our biological products with our own experienced staff.



Novel Biologics




Annual Production Capacity



KRW 400 bil +

No. of Employees


* As of Nov. 2022