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Bitargeting Receptor-Antibody Hybrid

Receptor-Antibody Hybrid

Unlike conventional methods of creating bispecific antibodies, our Bitargeting technology maximizes the bispecific characteristic of an antibody by combining the strengths of a bispecific antibody and a ligand-receptor specificity, while eliminating the decrease in avidity that occasionally results from bispecific antibodies.

Natural antibodies have two identical antigen binding sites. For a single antibody to be bispecific, that is bind to two different antigens while maintaining the basic structures of the natural antibody, the two antigen binding sites on an antibody must each be modified to bind to different antigens. In other words, an antibody will only have a single, rather than two, binding site per antigen.

With such bispecificity, there is a probability that, for certain antigens, the avidity will undesirably decrease. Our Bitargeting technology is an advanced technology that allows bispecific antibodies without the loss of avidity.


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Details will be added after the provisional patent application is offically approved and made public.